Libra Full Moon

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The full moon in Libra greets us at the start of a new astrological cycle. Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, marks the beginning of spring and new beginnings – as warmth is restored for many of us and our environment is brought back to life.

The fiery stand-alone nature of Aries invites you to empower yourself and claim sovereignty. Combined with Libra’s lunar influences, you will be challenged to stand-alone with your own needs and desires in opposition to the expectations of the world around you. 

Libra loves balance, harmony, and justice. It rallies for equality and “right relationship” among all. In its quest to achieve this there is pressure to sacrifice oneself to please others; your sovereignty is abandoned by what you fear. 

What or who has been holding you back?

Express your individual needs, even if it goes against the status quo of loved ones and social dogma. The pressures of the current collective wound of fear are the greatest you have ever lived through, making this is a bit of a challenge to find your own truth and move in your own direction.  Time to call upon inner wisdom, intuition and re-evaluate your personal boundaries. 

Where have you compromised your creativity by not expressing your sovereignty?

Remember we have aligned with the energy of Aquarius at the start of 2021. A collective theme of individuality, inclusivity, and a time of liberation from your past.

Remember that the active nature of a full moon increases your emotional body. Causing unconscious reactivity to situations appearing bigger than they really are. Use this time of emotional strength to sharpen your intuitive skills and hone in on what is truth and what is a lie. 

Aho. Teresa

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