Let Die What You Fear

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Life is a series of deaths.
So, let die what you fear.

Every astrological month represents a profound archetypal meaning for each of us. This astrological month brings about the season of Scorpio. While its predecessor Libra demonstrates equality between all, which I spoke about last month, Scorpio is the urge to merge. Scorpio desires to birth new creations by way of the death of the old.

Scorpio’s theme of death and rebirth is the process you must pass through to transform a crisis into medicine for healing. Through Scorpio, the egoic personality enters into the battle with itself and eventually can emerge victorious.

It is time to heal your separation. Separation has become the most significant cause of our collective and individual suffering. The healing happens by shifting from materialism to spiritualism, from fear to love, from patriarchal science to spiritual science, from the linear mind (reason) to the intuitive mind (knowing), and from the conditioned self to the authentic self.

To understand more deeply where you are in the transformational awakening process, here is an evolutionary outline of how Scorpio operates in your life.

The transformational cycle of Scorpio (awakening) is as follows:

The Scorpion is the initial primal nature of development in everyone. Focused on the self, you will seek power over or cower to others to protect your ego from self-effacing vulnerability. Due to your insecurities, the instinctive struggle for security drives you to battle for survival, killing off or consenting to what threatens you. Life feels like a personal attack at this stage, and you have not yet developed enough personal power to not feel at the effect of what is happening around you- this is you in victim consciousness.

When awakened (through self-exploration work), this arduous cycle of conflict eventually becomes the impetus from which you will shift your unconscious relationship with power and victim consciousness to begin your transformation journey.

As you evolve from your primal nature of insecurity, you are met with the archetype of the Serpent (the snake), signifying transformation. The once-hidden shadow aspects within you come to light, and the shedding of the fearful ego’s old skin (patterns) occurs. As this happens and your ego struggles to survive, so will its venom; the process is a continuum of shedding until a more profound awakening is realized, and the venom dissolves.

The next phase, Eagle, is now met. Still somewhat attached to subtle forms of power, even if not for personal gain, you realize the uselessness of such pursuits. Instead, you understand you must fully “slay the dragon within” and become victorious above the lower impulses of your egoic/victim mind.

The Eagle soars above the lands, becoming the observer. With clarity of sight, you choose how you respond. You are now a witness of conscious awareness, detached from controlling, knowing that you cannot control the winds of life.

To fully transform is to transfigure. Therefore death must occur to be reborn. Trusting the flow of life, you become a vessel of transformation, cycling often through the stages of awakening. You are not afraid to go into the darkness, and survival does not dictate your life – the eagle is now burned to ashes and resurrected into the Phoenix. The desires and fears of the egoic/victim personality no longer reside in the shadows. Fear of darkness no longer dictates survival, transcending self-centered desire into selflessness and fear into love. You become a vessel of transformation, bringing shadow to light and death to immortality. You have become comfortable with the transformational processes of life.

The embodiment of the archetypal sign of Scorpio symbolizes the soul’s immortality. So see beyond your egoic personality through the evolutionary journey of Scorpio, and know that life is everlasting, and death represents a transition from one state of consciousness to another. Life is a series of deaths, so, let die what you fear. 

Namaste. Teresa

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