Leo…The Archetype

“The Light of the Soul”
“I Seek Myself Through what I Create”

Represented by the Lion, Leo is the sign of the life-giving father. It is the archetype of the King or Queen who reins its Kingdom like a master.
Leo is the spirit of fire, whose urge is to create by opening the heart. Leo expresses itself through playfulness, enthusiasm for life and spontaneity while sharing its gifts and talents with others. Being on stage gives Leo the recognition it so desires.
Just as the Sun is the source of light in our universe   so is Leo within each of us, “The Light of the Soul”. It is purposeful, self-directed and ruled by Love. Leo’s creative fire urges us toward self-awareness and self-knowledge. Teaching us that through our own authentic self-expression we find our own identity.
In the early stages the Spiritual Will of Leo is masked by the shadow of the personality. This is seen as the show off whose main concern is to be the center of attention while looking for admiration. Dominating and dictating the environment through the illusion of control there is no real foundation to sustain this power.
As Leo develops it becomes aware of more than just itself. Its once self-centered behavior evolves into a more self-centering expression. It is not longer the “roar of the beast” but now it is “the voice of man.” This integration brings Leo into self-expression from the heart where we come to know ourselves as an extension of universal creativity.
As this awareness unfolds within us the quality of unconditional love and compassion serves in its highest expression. The now benevolent King or Queen rules its Kingdom for the good of all. The Right Use of Will is exercised in a collected motion and used as the vehicle from which creative expression directs consciousness.
Leo’s journey from the shadow of the personality to its higher self-expression is within each of us to bring into consciousness. Leo’s specialty is stardom and each one of us must discover what role we play on the stage life to make a difference in the world. Remember when we learn to embrace our own inner light we can shine, and we become a star. How do you shine?

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