Leo Full Moon

Magnetic Attraction

The moon is associated to how you feel emotionally. It is the connection to your inner world that activates the need to feel emotionally safe and secure in the world. It is the relationship to the nature of the feminine within (for all genders), and the repository of your soul's history. Just like the tides of the ocean that are effected by the pull of the full moon, so are you; emotion symbolized by the element of water. This is why during a full moon unresolved or shadow emotions can be triggered.
Ruled by the Sun, which is literally is the light of the world, Leo makes its appearance this full moon. Infused with fire, passion, drama and heart, the need to feel special puts Leo in the limelight drawing in the law of magnetic attraction. A Full Moon is a way of release, and with the planet Mars currently in a fire sign as well, the planet of action, is fired up and highly active, adding to the mix. You may be feeling fired up to act out reactively (be careful with that one), determined to let things go to clear the dead weight and bring a new sense of awakened hope into your life and heart. These impulses are driving you to shine through the looming shadows of what is not the truth. Leo demands to be seen, to love, to play, to express, and to be a creative vessel of God. Let your brilliance radiant unapologetically, just like the sun.
This is a time in your life to identify the truth that lies in your soul, and allow that to be the beacon from which you are guided.

Namaste. Teresa 

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