Braving The Self

Key #2

Heart and Body Intelligence


The heart has its own intelligence, and our body knows the truth. When these two are aligned we are unstoppable.

The call to transform begins a journey into uncharted territories. Walking this path of transformation requires courage and strength to navigate the challenges we will meet along the way. In doing so we learn to build the bridge we are walking, while simultaneously being committed to the path. This path is a journey less traveled by some, for others it is the only path.

Making the choice to leave behind my career as a Cosmetologist was a difficult one. But I knew that my heart had served its time in that career and it was time to move on. My passion had changed and my body was telling me to stop. When I finally decided to take the leap my whole life opened up to a deeper fulfillment that I never thought possible.


If there were no restrictions, what changes would you make in your life right now?

Excerpt from my book Braving The Self,  The Journey of a Spiritual Warrior

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