Capricorn New Moon and Solar Eclipse

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The darkness of a new moon turns your attention inward towards a time of deep reflection. A solar eclipse is a symbol of new beginnings. This combination brings rise to the surface the unseen and unasked questions to your future self.

A mountain goat precariously perched and sure footed upon a rock of his chosen peak, symbolized by the sign of Capricorn. In search of material sustenance each calculated step takes him closer to his goal; the mountain top. 

A journey is not possible without ambition, discipline and hard work, all which are attributes assigned to Capricorn. The initial “work” accomplished through Capricorn is earthbound in orientation and encased by structure. Focusing your energy in a productive and useful way will result in the manifestation of “the fruits of your labor.” The archetype of Capricorn is interested in what it can produce to be useful and of Spiritual Value rather than just earthbound productions.  It’s earthly nature is the backbone of every structure and foundation to physical form. It is the skeletal system; literally and metaphorically. Capricorn is where you build foundations from which your future is built upon.

A new moon reveals what you may not have been able to see and a solar eclipse gives you the opportunity to hit the reset button and make new choices. Here are questions to ask yourself during this time:

  • What mountain(s) are you climbing  in your life? 
  • What do you need to rebuild?
  • What are you committed to accomplishing?
  • Is there a “gateway” you know you must walk through that is leading you into the unknown?
  • How will you direct your focus to be produce what you want to accomplish?
  • Is what you are producing of Spiritual Value to you and/or others?

Namaste. Teresa

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