I Love You, You Are Free

I Love You.

You Are Free.

You Are Me.

We Are One.

It is safe to remember and reveal who you really are NOW.

~The Sophia Code.

The practice of vulnerability cracks you open, revealing the truth of your deepest desires and fears. It is in this practice that you become truly free, creating a tender place that is not related to weakness but to true courage.

Courage challenges you to know your soul’s true divinity and soul purpose. It invites you into uncharted territory where limitless potential awaits.

The current collective theme of revolutionary change is in effect. In the presence of uncertainty, you are asked to face the fears that are in front of you; both personal and collective. The collective fear you feel is a mere reflection of how you manage fear in your own life.

this all-determining how long we stay in the current status quo. 

Vulnerability is the key to entering this place or self-understanding. It is the door that you must brave.

I invite you to…

Repeat the above prayer  3x’s per day for 7 days.

Spend the next 24 hours in mindful awareness of what you are feeling throughout your day. Notice when you try to avoid feelings that are emerging or already present, and pull yourself back to that place of vulnerability. Continue this practice as a way to cultivate familiarity with vulnerability.

Peace and love,

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