How Productive Are You?

How Productive Are You?

productivity is not how much
work i do in a day
but how well i balance 
what i need to stay healthy

-being productive is knowing when to rest      ~rupi kaur

Rest is another way to self-care.

Becoming familiar with when you need to rest is an essential part of being able to balance life. Of course, physical, mental, and emotional self-care is essential, but the self-care I am spotlighting today is spiritual. 

Taking care of your spiritual self is crucial to living a grounded and joy-filled and purposeful life.

Spiritual self-care is any ritual or practice that you do to further your connection with your higher self. Your higher self is you that is separate from and not influenced by the egoic mind or fear. Instead, this self operates from a soul-centered place that aligns with your deepest desires and your Divinity.

The practice of spiritual self-care differs from emotional self-care in that spiritual care is solely based on you and your connection to your higher self. Whereas emotional care involves your feelings and includes people or situations that are emotionally effecting you.

When you begin to practice consistent spiritual self-care, you can expect to nurture your connection to yourself and a higher power to create spiritual practices that fuel both your body and soul.

Here are some ways to practice spiritual self-care:

  • Spending time in solitude with nature. Being in nature can be rejuvenating and healing because it allows you to experience the present moment, get grounded, connect and communicate with other energy frequencies. 
  • Meditation. Meditation is a powerful practice that will bring you closer to your higher self and give you a sense of peace and calm.
  • Cleanse your space and energy. Removing negative energy from personal spaces is powerful. When you cleanse out the bad energy and invite in the positive, you create an environment to connect to your higher self with more ease—try incorporating essential oils, candles, incense, sound bowls, etc. 
  • Reading. Reading books that serve your spirit. 
  • Prayer. Have a conversation with of your choosing—Life, Universe, Sophia, God.

Journey with your spirit my friends,

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