Hope And My Inner America

Hope: “Grounds for believing something good may happen, the general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled”

The above is to remind myself of what it feels like; just in case.

I have managed most of my life to live, having hope; hope is that invisible presence of possibility that you don’t realize it’s power until its gone. Like I said, most of my life its been there, but not always.

My most profound memory of lost hope was the day my Mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Fear and despair ensued, hope was lost, later to return. 
My Inner America

Just one of the MANY conclusions I have come to: If I focus on the man himself, the potential to lose hope is highly probable and will be accompanied with pain and anger.

I have changed my focus to make it about something greater than what fear wants to try and control. I am making it about staying engaged with what is occurring, speaking out when “right relationship” toward another is ignored, making it about honoring Mother Earth. I will remind myself I can make a difference and that my actions have power. I will live my Inner America from that place.

My prayer of beliefs:

  • I believe that at the core of who we all are is Love not hate.
  • I believe that Love gets lost in pain and fear and is then experienced as hate and victim.
  • I believe that we are all mirrors of each other; the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • I believe when we judge others we deny knowing who we really are.
  • I believe we are in a Spiritual Revolution. 
  • I believe the way to compassion is through understanding and acceptance.
  • I believe that acceptance does not mean agreement, I believe it is the acceptance of ‘what is.’
  • I believe if we can work from that place of ‘what is’ we can make things different.
  • I believe THIS IS our evolutionary path.
  • I believe *LOVE WINS.
    Tell me about your Inner America!

    “Set your intention on the way you want to see the world to be and then keep living your life in a meaningful way for yourself and don’t fall into despair.” Mark Ruffalo

    *Quote by Rob Coward  

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