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Gobble Gobble!

I have often heard from people that Thanksgiving is one of their favorite holidays. It is an opportunity to highlight gratitude in our lives, break bread with others, offer acts of kindness and no presents to be bought.  It also initiates a time of reflection, as the end of the year draws closer, to visualize our year ahead and evaluate the current year. 

With the Full Moon synchronicity this year falling on Thanksgiving what an opportunity to invite different perspectives into our lives, for today and for our future. Expansion, inspiration and vision are leading our next great adventure. There are possibilities to explore and choices to consider before we really want to make any lasting decisions. Let the tide of this full moon settle so nothing gets lost in the shadow and you can see the vision more clearly. The urgency to finalize is reactivity in reaction, to remedy your current situation along.  So, just settle in for a moment or two and take some big deep breaths.
You wouldn’t want to be ‘gobbled up’ by an unexpected  big wave would you?


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