“I Think, Therefore I Am”

Motivated by mental curiosity and movement, Gemini  experiences life through relatedness. Relationships is the bases from which it works as an agent of harmony. It is primary concern is connectedness, teaching us that mutual harmony can exist through “a middle way.”

In the early development of Gemini the instinctual mind is in charge and a subjective view of life is experienced. This subjectivity creates a polarized thinking mind, seeing life from a filter of duality. Its only interest is how everything relates to oneself. At this level Gemini moves with no direct purpose or plan and a sense of scattered and ungrounded energy is how it navigates the world.

But as Gemini begins to build its “self”, its orientation shifts beyond the subjective mind to a more objective view of life. A greater awareness of others begins to form and an understanding that relationships are a shared interchange to connection. 

Gemini’s desire to seek knowledge also begins to emerge differently and develops its intelligent thinking into creative thinking. The instinctual mind gives way to the intuitive.

As the dual mind of Gemini continues to balance, consciousness awakens to an even more soulful view of life. What was once movement without purpose is now directed movement, and Gemini becomes aware of its actions in the world. Polarized and objective thinking evolves into synthesis of the mind where harmonizing ideas and thoughts become diplomacy for mutual understanding.

As these attributes of the soul develop, Gemini shifts from self-absorbed movement and thinking to universal flow. Linking the duality of man (and the mind) to the “middle way” bringing forth Right Human Relations.

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