Full Moon Sagittarius

Visions of The Future

The full moon is an emotional time. It bursts forth with energy illuminating what has been ruminating under the surface. These new proclamations have a charge that can spur you into reactivity. 

The desire for change has been sitting inside for a while now. Frustration and tension has been building for quite some time and this moon in particular gives rise to the impetus to do something about. 

Here are a few things that might be swirling inside:

  • An inner point of tension. 
  • The release of someone you love or who is no longer aligned with your values. 
  • The release could even be the old identity of you. 
  • Fight for right relationship. 
  • Finding compassion and forgiveness for yourself or another.

Warrior energy is being activated by the red planet Mars. Its willful quality is aggravating home security (the Moon), relationships and what you value (Venus) . This check in is getting the attention of what has gone either unattended or unrealized until now. 

The threat of war wakes us up. 

This full moon lands itself in the optimistic nature of Sagittarius.  The symbol of the archer, with its arrow of aspiration pointed toward the mountain top. This arrow is directed towards the vision of the future. The knowing of what the mountain top will look like is not yet known, only that it must go “there.”

What will you take forward on your journey to the mountain top? What will you leave behind? These are the questions to be contemplated and answered. 

This combination of planetary activation incites victim energy. How could it not! The cycle of victim, victimizer permeates the social structures of life and the inner most vulnerabilities of our hearts. So how do you stop it? 

You begin by anchoring yourself in the mystical truth, “All Is One.” 

With love,


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