Full Moon Libra


The full moon can be an emotional time. It bursts forth and illuminates what has already been sitting inside you. These emotional proclamations are unrefined, as they have not yet been processed. You will feel in need of validation by areas stimulated from the full moon, and this surge of energy can spur you into reaction. This desire to take action feels like restlessness, therefore your current emotional state could be projected in the wrong direction; something to be mindful of. Sit tight just a bit and breathe. Allow what is ruminating to reveal more before you make your move.

Relationships and agreements (social and cultural agreements), with self, others, business etc., are hot on the press. Feelings have come full circle since the new moon and you are feeling ready to act. It is time to evaluate and to get the truth of your heart. Bask in the magic of this full moon. Let restlessness settle; this is a critical turning point for you to challenge your status quo. You know what to do!


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