Full Moon in Pisces

The full moon not only sheds light onto the darkness of earth but also onto our own darkness that has been lurking just beneath our internal surface. What was once hidden from light, is now in full view for us, finally, the truth is now better able to be seen. 

Hello My Friend,

Are you in touch with your inner Mystic? This month is calling us inward to tap into the knowing of the Mystic within. Free from the trappings of the “egoic mind” the Mystic calls forth internal wisdom, to guide us through the mystery and perils we may be facing; leading us to a sort of an “egoic death”. 

If there is confusion in your life right now, the veil can now be more easily lifted to reveal the truth. Big feelings can make decision making confusing but the practicality and discernment of Virgo will help sort things out. Whether it is bad habits to change or a new routine to adopt, put faith and trust into the hands of the Mystic and listen deeply to the silence of your voice. Compassion and tenderness is the self-care which will allow you to do this with grace and ease. 

Namaste. Teresa

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