Full Moon in Aries

What Is Driving Your Ego?

The full moon in Aries comes with intense and fiery energy. Driven by the mantra “I am”, Aries’ impulsive nature gives rise to restless and sometimes reckless behaviors that are often self-serving. Symbolized by the head of a ram and ruled by the mind, Aries’ unbridled actions can bring about hasty decisions without fully thinking through the consequences. 

This full moon may amplify an internal drama that has been plaguing you all year, yet only to give rise to the deeper healing that is needing to occur beneath the surface. The push of this energy is the opportunity to see how your ego still drives you in ways that can make you feel crazy. Let this fiery energy show you how your personality works for and against you. 

So whether you are dealing with a great loss, feeling unclear about your life, struggling to feel excited about life, feel that no one is hearing you, or like more is being taken from you, the central challenge that you are faced with is your former self.

The sun influences your external self-personality; the moon influences your internal self (your thoughts and feelings). Therefore the dynamic nature of a full moon will always give rise to the impulses of the subconscious self that are buried beneath among the shadows. 

Looking more broadly, the universe is not flowing with as much ease as you would like, but a powerful turning point is underway. It may not solve all your problems… actually, it may not solve any, but it will provide you steps in the right direction. 

Whether you believe in astrology or not, astrology believes in you. 

Namaste. Teresa 

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