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Sing Softly

A time of deep reflection is upon you. The goal, to observe the feelings that are coming up and evaluate them as objectively as you can. 

Time to find a balance between your beliefs/ideals, and your communication/listening skills. 

A Full Moon is a time of deep reflection, a Lunar Eclipse brings a potency that will amplify situations. If this brings pain, trust the vulnerability, it is time for a new paradigm.

The desire for change forces one to act out that is not always an accurate reality of the truth. This is especially heightened right now so take time to let things settle inside, get clear,  find your inner balance, and only then, communicate. 

 Last month I journeyed to the Arizona desert for 5 days to spend time with a Medicine Man I met back in 2004 (which I will write more about at another date). He shared with me several powerful Indigenous perspectives, one of which is appropriate to share with you now. 

Conditions of a Solitary Bird

  • Point it’s beak to the sky – Hold your head up high, so that you can see your vision.
  • Fly to the highest point – See your vision and do it.
  • Not suffer for company, not even of its own kind – non attachment; when you define something you imprison it. 
  • Not have a definite color – The art of invisibility; humility.
  • That it sings very softly – There is no need to tell its story; choose when to speak.


Peace and love. Namaste, Teresa 

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