Cancer Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse


The Inner Mother

The full moon is an emotional time; illuminating what you have buried inside. The urge to react is heightened and the drive of the soul is activated. You may feel the need to be validated, or find yourself projecting your emotional state onto to others. 

The combination of the lunar eclipse and the full moon reflects what’s been buried inside you since the beginning of your time here on earth. Cancer is the archetypal Mother that insists on taking care of your emotional and physical body needs. It is the security system that dictates the reactions you take when you get triggered, feel defensive, and spiral into survival: flight, fight or freeze. It is the repository of your soul that carries information from lifetime to lifetime. 

You will challenged over the next 6 months. The elixir will be re-parenting your inner child, giving yourself the tools of wisdom any love you missed out on. You are in a position where you know the truth and know how to fix what is broken. 

Here are some questions you want to ask yourself:


  • What boundaries have you let others cross because you are too afraid to speak up? 
  • Who do you need to let go of that is not aligned with who you are becoming? 
  • What is your next step on your climb to the mountain top?

Namste. Teresa

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