Full Moon Aquarius

Aquarius Full Moon

The full moon not only sheds light onto the darkness of earth but also onto our own darkness that has been lurking just beneath our internal surface. What was once hidden from light, is now in full view for us, finally, the truth is now better able to be seen. There is a revolution that is underway; the revolution is you. 

It is time for us to lead our own life with our own truths. If Aquarius could speak it would say “I need to do it my way”. This does not mean we become the bully, it means we become the leader of our own life so that we no longer feel bullied by ourselves, relationships, money conflicts or the status quo. Freedom is another Aquarian word to pay attention to. Ask yourself the question: ‘What choices can I make to set myself free? I cannot let myself be held back any longer”.

The releasing of old paradigms not only frees you but those around you. Now is the time to be focused on your dreams and goals for your future. Let go of what keeps you in victim of the past, and lean into your tomorrow.


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