Freedom Is Being You

Freedom Is Being You

It is safe for the living Master within you to finally be revealed through your undefended Divine Love. It is vitally important that you give yourself permission to shine in this lifetime, free of all social conditioning to be seen for WHO YOU REALLY ARE.  ~ The Sophia Code

Releasing old unwanted patterns that have been around for quite some time can be difficult, painful, and scary. These old patterns are the stories that you tell yourself over and over while wondering why and how to make them stop. 

I recently heard a term that I love…spiritual sobriety. Spiritual sobriety means to become sober to your own true Divinity. How powerful is that! This term is so powerful because it alerts you to your addiction to old belief systems about yourself that are not true that you continue to believe.  

Of course, like with any addiction, it is hard to stop. You must discover what void you are trying to fill and go to that root cause to work your way back through. But once that has been brought to light what is your next step?

There are several ways back to sobriety but without a clear understanding of how life operates and your unconscious belief systems, this will be an ongoing struggle. If this is something that you are being challenged by and looking for ongoing support I invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation. I would be happy to assist you. 

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