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Take advantage of the energetic effects of 2020 to help you evolve and expand who you are.

Do you realize that you are living in a time where your old identity of self is under pressure to dismantle and evolve? This may be showing up through feelings of restlessness inside, discontent or even the excitement of knowing there is more out there for you but just can’t pin point how to go about achieving it or what it is. This paradigm shift is happening within you and is inviting you to expand who you are, and to feel fully alive. 

Join Teresa Campos and Sharon Araki, for an upcoming workshop and deep dive, into the worlds of Astrology and The Soul. You will be guided through the astrological themes pertinent for your development, along with necessary tools for your journey forward. You will enter into the language of your Soul and how it is speaking to you.

Sharon Araki: Sharon is an Intuitive Creaniosacral Therapist, and Akashic record reader. Her skill as a Creaniosacral Therapist along with the practice of Mayofascial release has helped her hone her ability to manage and interpret both her sense for touch energetically and intuitively. These combined skills facilitate the healing of physical, emotional and spiritual trauma for those who seek her help.


  • Learn the energetic themes of 2020.
  • Uncover the challenges that may have you stuck.
  • Clarify your commitment to move you forward.
  • Gain the confidence to take action.

When: Saturday, February 22
Time: 2-4:30pm
Cost: $20
Where: 650 Howe Ave, Suite #505, Sac. CA 95825

We The People
Online Free Webinar

America’s Birth Chart 

Just like each one of us, the USA has a birth chart. And, like all birth charts there are challenges and opportunities that are occurring in hope of transformation and evolution. 

Join me for a fascinating journey into the world of astrology as I interpret our nations birth chart. I will highlight both the shadow and potential of the USA and the major themes that are challenging us to grow. I will also be adding The President’s birth chart. Yikes!

March 5, 2020 – 5:30-6:30pm PST

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