Teresa Campos

2021 Astrological Year Ahead
Live Event

I am sure it is safe to say that we are all happy to say goodbye to 2020. Although we are still in the effects of it – it is always nice to turn the page to a new year and look towards a better year. 

So much has happened that we never thought possible, and yet we all knew a change was needed for humanity. I have to admit, I knew the astrology of 2020 was to be HUGE but I had no idea how huge it would get or let alone last. 

So here is some good news…

We have now entered into new astrological themes. These new themes promise to bring about new ideologies and hopes for a better tomorrow. It won’t come without hard work but there is promise and support from galactic forces here to help.

Join me for this live event where I will be discussing in more detail how you can help yourself and this planet forward.

An Introductory Journey Into The Archetypal World
Free Live Event

Have you ever wondered where the energy behind your thoughts and beliefs comes from? Whether it’s possible to discern patterns among this energy in order to grasp greater empowerment of your life? 

All of our deeper journeys begin at different moments in our lives. Yet choosing to begin your journey is the most important step. 

Prior to your incarnation into this lifetime, your soul chooses particular aspects of the personality-self to heal and transform; also referred to as karma. In support of that goal, soul contracts were agreed upon in order to create the opportunities and lessons needed for spiritual alchemy.

By identifying and interpreting the underlying patterns of energy that form your thoughts and beliefs, you’re able to recognize and guide your soul contracts. These underlying energies are your archetypes.

Join me in this free virtual event to learn more and how you can dive deeper to discover who you really are. 

            October 22nd, 2020 @ 5:30- 6:30pm PST. 

Expand and Evolve or Remain and Repeat
Mastermind with Sharon Araki and J.G.

What an epic time we are living right now. Who would have thought that in our lifetime we would be living the history of the future, of our planet. I’m calling this a “Collective Awakening for Mankind.” The astrology predicted this would be epic, and so it is.

Each one of us is being called forward to expand and evolve into a new world order, leaving behind the old self and world. Where will you fall in this shift? Will you expand and evolve, or remain and repeat?

April 22, 2020 @ 5-6:15pm PDT – FREE Virtual Event

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Finding Light in Uncertainty
Mastermind with Sharon Araki and J.G.

I am jazzed to present a Mastermind platform with two of my favorite thought leaders; Sharon Araki and Jg. Together the three of us will bring our wisdom “tool-kits” and skill as intuitive to help bring light to the uncertainty you may be feeling. We will discuss what intuitive downloads (messages) each of us is receiving, as well as opening up for question participation. I know this will be powerful and transformative. Join us!

April 1, 2020 @ 5-6:15pm PDT

FREE Virtual Event

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Reconnecting to What is Most Important
Free Live Event

In light of our current situation, and in an effort to support each other through this unusual time, I am hosting a special webinar. This webinar will focus on insights and tools that can help you navigate forward as it pertains to the virus we are all facing. Believe it or not, the coronavirus has an astrological chart. I will be discussing that chart and its implications. 

Please join me for an interactive round table that will bring together wisdom and insights to help shed light for us all. 

March 25, 2020 @ 4:30-5:30pm PST

Free Virtual Event

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We the People
Free Live Event

America’s Birth Chart 

Just like each one of us, the USA has a birth chart. And, like all birth charts there are challenges and opportunities that are occurring in hope of transformation and evolution. 

Join me for a fascinating journey into the world of astrology as I interpret our nation’s birth chart. I will highlight both the shadow and potential of the USA and the major themes that are challenging us to grow. I will also be adding the President’s birth chart. Yikes!

March 5, 2020 @ 5:30-6:30pm PST
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