Emotional Healing

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Dreams and imaginations wander freely in the watery world of Pisces energy, along with opportunity for healing past deep wounds. The mystical realm of Pisces is a place of magic and alchemy that awaits your entrance, to bridge your gap. The New Moon (also known as the dark feminine) is a time to think about what you really want to draw into your life, but this month before you draw in, you must let go. The relationship to your inner mystic puts you in check with your capacity to trust yourself; otherwise know as self-esteem.

  • To whom are you listening?
  • Do you know when to ask for help?
  • Which old patterns are you still feeling?

We are brought to the end of an astrological cycle in the sign of Pisces that personifying the archetypes of the Healer, Martyr, Mystic, Magician, Addict and Alchemist. Facing some of our greatest wounds requires our capacity to trust not only ourselves but the universal timing of life itself. Ponder which of these archetypes or archetype can be your ally to transcend your healing.



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