Full Moon In Gemini


The Clarity of Uncertainty


Just when you thought you had it all figured out. Another wave of uncertainty washes over you. Only this time there is reassurance that you just might really be on the right track even though whats ahead is the unknown. 

The full moon not only sheds light onto the darkness of the earth but also into your own darkness that lurks beneath your internal surface. What was once hidden from light is now activated by the energetic force of the moon. Your emotional body has been activated. The effects of the activation is determined by your relationship to your emotional intelligence and whether you live in denial of your true feelings. 

Take a moment to self-reflect. 

What deep urges are ruminating? 

Resist the urge to react.

Remind yourself of the priorities you have put into place and allow what really is waiting to emerge to arrive gently through the veil into the open space of the unknown. You are moving into a new era on your life path. This last full moon of the year will help prepare you for what lies ahead.

Namaste. Teresa 


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