Drawing Closer and Diving Deeper

As we begin to draw closer to the dawning of the 2020 astrological themes, I thought it would be timely to speak about one of the archetypal themes that humanity is being asked to integrate.

The following article is in support of us continuing to lay the groundwork for transformation and the hope of inclusivity and equality despite our uncertain times. Many of us have been tested by difficult circumstances. Many of us have evaluated important aspects of our lives in 2020. 

A man in a kneeling position resting an urn of water over his shoulder, it’s contents pouring in front and underneath him symbolizes the archetype of Aquarius. Having perfected his understanding of the oneness of mankind, the Water Bearer distributes from its urn the waters of consciousness. 

Right human relations is the theme of this sign. The urge to serve and be all things to all people is very Aquarian – a good friend, a loving partner, the ideal parent, etc. Universal love demonstrated through science, technology, education, and information is substantiated through group orientation and group consciousness.

It is the function of the Water Bearer to reform and augment through his discoveries and visions. This visionary archetype is depicted in various forms: revolutionaries, inventors, political reformers, occultists, and teachers of humanity are some of the many examples; people such as Charles Darwin, Galileo, Thomas Paine, Frederick Douglass, Rosa Parks, and Susan B. Anthony were all born under Aquarius. This archetype brings expansive energy of love and wisdom in the service of humanity.

The initial stage of this archetype is personality centered. The Aquarian’s sense of personal self is not yet anchored solidly enough to differentiate its choice of relations, which makes communications and connections problematic. Indiscriminate and dispersed, this orientation leans towards the unconscious group collective where group identification takes the place of individualization. Cults and sects – where the adopted “drink the Kool-Aid” mentality is found – are spaces where unconscious Aquarian energy can get lost.

When the awakening of the soul consciousness of Aquarian energy occurs, one’s life becomes focused in the service of society to benefit others. Cause-oriented, inventive and directed, creative expression through freedom and equality of human life is the urge of progressives: networking with others to bring into consciousness a greater unifying principle of love through world service.

Planetary and universal vision is the movement of expanded awareness in which the soul-centered Aquarian leads the community and world to fully encompass the theme of right human relations.

Moving forward, you may ask yourself: 
“What have I discovered about myself?” 
“Has this year changed me?” 
“Who am I now and how do I see life differently?”

Every event in history has always changed the cultures and it’s people. When we look back and see how history has shaped the world in which we live, and how it has shaped us into becoming who we are today, we can often see the uprising of man and woman for the betterment of humanity. 

We are able, with a clear vision, to see the suffering that was necessary for evolution to wield its medicine.

Namaste. Teresa

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