Don’t Let Your Passion Die Inside You


It’s not logical or even reasonable
It is our heart telling our head that we cannot surrender
For to give in to the trials of life is to let them win over us.

For a whisper hope grows slowly
First in a moderate tone and finally to a roar
It supersedes fear, sorrow, and even despair
It gives us the courage to try again.

‘Pick yourself up,” it demands
“Can’t you see that tomorrow has better things in store.”
And begin to believe in ourselves, and we arise
To meet tomorrow a little stronger and more prepared.

“Try again! Try until you succeed,” it shouts.
And we forget our failures, our losses and all the blow we were dealt
Hope offers us another chance TO BE WHAT WE DREAM
It insists that life is worthwhile and we are on the Winning team.

Hope abides in each of us
Giving us the energy to survive
“Life is very good” it assures us
“Carry on with your work, and you will be blessed.”

Covenant of the Heartby The Women of Reformed Judaism

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