Do You Remember Who You Really Are?

Do You Remember Who You Really Are?

I am a living Master walking upon the Earth; in this lifetime. I will remember who I really am by consciously activating my Divine genome through the power of my sovereign free will.  ~ The Sophia Code

Life is always calling you to remember who you really are. The stories and challenges you have faced and encountered are your teachers as well as “the medicine” you need to understand yourself more clearly. 

It is sometimes difficult to separate ourselves enough from the pain of what it takes to walk this earth and understand the power of our divine potential.

A new way of being is calling you…

A new way of being isn’t what you do in the world but who you can be and how you affect others. The experiences and relationships shape you for this process of ‘becoming”, while your soul guides you towards your mission here on earth. 

Trust. Action is necessary.

You are the living Master you seek.

I invite you to…

Begin your day by asking your higher self, your internal guidance, “direct me today towards my highest good today”. Practice this daily, listen for guidance, develop your muscle of trust and faith. 

Peace and love,

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