Do You Love Humanity Enough to Change?

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You have what it takes. You are a light bearer. Within you are the healing powers and spiritual wisdom to find your way through doubt and confusion. Have confidence that you are enough.

Just like the sun, you are a self-luminous being that generates light. You are self-reliant and need not reach externally for spiritual strength. Connecting to your inner light allows you to feel held from within; knowing that you don’t have to go it alone.

This has been a trying year. We have been forced into shadow work during this time of isolation, which has left many angry, bitter, or even more scared, while others are grateful and enlightened. We have been also forced to take stock and reassess our attitudes towards the rules and laws of society, social responsibility, and our value systems.

So how do you move forward from this point on? Nothing is really settled or fixed, there are no real answers or solutions to what lies ahead. And yet, we are ascending into a new era for the planet and humanity which has no certainty of vision for the future.

I often share with my clients that in order to create something new we have to release what no longer serves. A statement that I am sure all can agree with. That same statement still applies with an added twist… must let go of what does not serve humanity and our planet.

We do this by examination of our own personal codes of beliefs, rules/laws, and actions within our own life. These codes of beliefs, deeply embedded into our body’s intelligence can reveal the real truths of self-limitation; which has become the projection of the world we find ourselves in. The shadow pointed outward.

There are two ways of being in life, one is love and the other is fear. One can blame a pandemic as to why fear is a greater force for them in their life right now – it is a choice.

There are those who live in a world that will never understand the message I am trying to convey here, and then there are the rest of us that realize that there is more to this human reality than what we are seeing. And that we are here collectively to evolve this planet. We are spiritual beings that have been given gifts to share with each other. We are healers and lovers who have forgotten who we are because the world’s influences have become larger than the power of our own.

There is a frequency that is upon us now. It is a truth serum that undoes false perceptions and dismantles circumstances that are not meant for the soul. Challenging situations are ways in which the healing of our soul can take place. Your life’s path is directed by your higher self, your soul self. It is unique, just as you are, and it will lead you away from the familiar into worlds unknown.

The moments you surrender your personal control and the control of your soul, a wondrous awakening can occur. This frequency will help cleanse your fears and connect you to you. It will assure you that no matter what life throws at you, you’ve got this.

Take a moment to connect with your breath. Let yourself become fully present. Visualize that your awareness/wisdom is inside you. It is moving with each breath. As you enter your inner world open into the spaciousness of timelessness. Let it fill you with peace, love, warmth, and protection. Recognize this as your inner light, the sun within, your higher self. Allow yourself to become enveloped in your own radiance. You are light, you are spirit, you are love, you are enough.

When was the last time, if ever, you wrote a love letter to yourself?

Namaste. Teresa.

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