Fight For Your Passion

Passion is an intense desire that lives in every one of us. It drives the heart and mind to greatness and fills our life with love and joy. It’s what leads us to success and fulfillment, and confirms purpose in our lives. To be passionate is to be connected with life. Passion ushers possibility and creativity and inspires us to change and grow. It challenges wrongs and values truth. 

In early childhood our passions began with the desire to fulfill a dream or taking something up and running with it; burning with excitement for how it made us feel. Passion is the soul connection to life, that we are living, with purpose.

But what happens when one day you hear the crippling voice of depression speak?  Have you ever heard it? I have. For me it sounds something like this:

“Who do you think you are? Nobody really cares about what you are doing.”

“Do you really think you can make a difference in people’s lives!”

“It’s not going to work. You will be stuck in this place forever.”

“Do you really know what you are doing? This may not work.”

I can go on but you get the picture! These words are toxic and difficult to not believe. They will trick you into believing your efforts are pointless and your life will never change. 

This struggle is a result of the internal conflict when depression reasons with passion. Its voice will consume you and stop you, until, you decide to fight the despair and fulfill that deep purpose you know lies in your heart. That purpose which is fueled by passion and destined to fulfill itself, if you allow it. 

So get up, get out, ask yourself, “are you doing what you LOVE, are you BEING who you WANT to be, are you HAPPY?” 

If your answer is no then it is time to declare a siege! You can start small. Write a poem, take a hike, plant some flowers, hire a Life Coach,  just DO SOMETHING that SPARKS a PASSION!

“I work with mid life women who are no longer fired up about their life. I help them reignite their passion and purpose so they full fully alive again.”

If you would like to consider the Coaching option please contact me for a conversation:

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