Are You Ready for… Uncertainty of Change? This magical time of the new moon is primed for spontaneity to spark […]

 As I reflect back on MY first 100 days I feel like I’ve been binge watching a reality TV show. […]

Symbolized by the head of the Ram, with a body not yet known, Aires is the first sign of the […]

THE AGE OF AQUARIUS COMING MARCH 2023 Why is this note worthy? Read further to understand why! The planet and […]

A Spiritual Warrior   The battle of the Spiritual Warrior within is a battle of mastery of the self. It is an inner battle […]

Hope: “Grounds for believing something good may happen, the general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled” The above is […]

“The true spiritual life calls me, into the darkness of myself, into my fears, resentments, greed, jealousy, and dishonesty. I […]

HOPEIt’s not logical or even reasonableIt is our heart telling our head that we cannot surrenderFor to give in to […]

Living your fullest life possible isn’t always easy when the world around you is struggling to find it’s way. Yet, […]

Saturn’s trek out of Scorpio (June 2013- Sept 2015) brings you out of the dark, emotional crevasses of your psyche […]