Capricorn…The Archetype

Whether or not we are born under the sign of Capricorn we all have an aspect of this archetypal energy in our birth charts. So let’s take a deeper look into the symbolism of this archetype as it pertains to all of us.
A mountain goat precariously perched and sure footed upon a rock of his chosen peak symbolizes the sign of Capricorn. In search of material sustenance each calculated step takes him closer to his goal of consuming the succulent vegetation that he craves.
A journey is not possible without ambition, discipline and hard work, all which are attributes assigned to Capricorn. The initial “work” accomplished through Capricorn is earthbound in orientation and encased by structure. Career, money, resources, lofty goals are all part of the early stages of this phase of evolution in life. Like the mountain goat that seeks to satisfy it’s own insatiable hunger, we work to attain success and security through physical form. Attached to the form of physical existence, our personality/ego is bound within this paradigm and its purpose is defined by it until an “awakening” occurs.
An awakening of our soul nature takes us to the next phase of Capricorn. At this stage a growing awareness of spiritual value, relating energy to form, is realized. The attachment to form, which was once paramount to our lives, now can be expressed as creative rhythms of life rather than just earthbound productions. It is here we become a user of resources to benefit others rather than an abuser of resources.
Capricorn is the sign of initiation. Initiation is a rite of passage, symbolizing the gateway through which we have walked the path of life and it’s various phases and test. In this stage of the journey, Capricorn’s ascension to the mountain peak is realized and once at the peak, transfiguration occurs. Ambition is driven by divine inspiration and the “will to do good”. This soul centered state of existence now must descend down the mountain bringing its creative forces back to the outer world of Humanity becoming a “creator of resources”.
In summation, if Capricorn’s personal goals are the most important power will be used for ego gratification at the expense of others and will be a force of destruction. Ambition will give way to culminating purpose becoming a prisoner of form. But if true humanitarianism can be the vehicle through which a higher power flows then Capricorn can direct that flow to aid mankind, creating structure as a server to the Earth and perceiving energy within form.

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