Cancer The Archetype

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“I Seek Myself Through What I Feel”
Cancer is the Universal Mother that sustains and nurtures life. Represented by the Crab, Cancer is both a land and sea creature. Feeling life sensually and physically is the sign that represents home, our roots, relationships to the tribe, and our karmic past.
Cancer’s purpose is to establish an anchor on the earth plane to ground Spirit in physical form. This forage makes Cancer tenacious in its search for a home. Through this search, a more profound truth is revealed; the discovery of a spiritual home and inner light within. This true home is the anchor that grounds Spirit, affording Cancer to serve and nourish the whole of humanity.
The early stages of the less developed Cancerians will be bound to the emotional influences of their environment. Unaware of self as an individual and wholly identified with tribal (familial) living, Cancer will replay karmic patterns keeping itself in the cycle of homeostasis. At this level, home is represented by a physical dwelling.
As awakening occurs and the inner journey begins, a new path is forged. A clearer sense of boundaries and separateness from instinctual co-dependency evolves. This maturity moves Cancer from tribal home to finding home wherever it may go. Self-expression and an urge to find their place in life are applied while maintaining selfless and nurturing aspirations.
At its highest vibration, there is a depth and fulfillment when the integrated Cancer connects to its true home, the soul. At this level of evolution, the “Cancer Soul” expresses its devotion to humanity. What was once separation to break free and find its place in life is now an illumination of universal love and universality of life. From this place, Cancer’s path is to serve and nourish the whole of humanity.
We all have the influence of Cancer energy running through us. But, for some, it will be more compelling than others. And that search for inner peace is in our “real home,” and that conscious journey home is inward.

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