Cancer New Moon


We Meet Again...

We are visited once again this summer with another Cancer New Moon. Our last was partnered with the eclipse on June 21st. While this one is promised to not be as intense, it does come with some harsh reality for you to navigate. 

For some it could feel like a continuation from last month, and for others a new hit to your security system and that place you call home. 

Cancer loves home and the comforts that it brings; the nesting and nurturing feelings of safety that lets you sleep at night…

But what happens when the outside world creeps in, disrupts the womb of your 1st chakra foundation, and has you unstable and searching for safety?

The gravity pull of this new moon will disrupt your emotional waters..

Like with every new moon it is a time to reflect back on your goals and set yourself new ones. Objectivity is not present at this point in the moon cycle because information is lacking. Therefore any action taken should come from instinct only.

New ideas, creative vision and wishes during the new moon period later have potential to come to fruition. For now, this is not the time for making solid commitments or promises, as new information will emerge later that could change your creative process.

It so easy to create a security box of habits and routines when it comes to the inner life of emotional safety. This box will go unnoticed until you decide to make a change, or change has been put upon you; realizing then, how unstable you are. 

The force of this new moon is being felt with pressure to see how you are limiting your growth by the security box of your ego that you’ve created. 

It is coupled by the earth energy of Saturn and Capricorn. Therefore you must ground right where you are with whatever is happening. Align yourself with earth energy and surrender to Spirit.

There is no use going against the destiny of where life is taking you… best to just let go. 

Just like the sure footed mountain goat of Capricorn you too are climbing your mountain of consciousness.

Namaste. Teresa.

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