Can The World Be Our Oyster?

Lunar Eclipse And Full Moon

Activating the Humanitarian and Leader archetypes, we are in the midst of alchemy, and not quite knowing how to turn this all around. Thus creating the perfect time to turn inward and examine our own personal shadow that has being held in the darkness of this lunar eclipse. Darkness brings a metaphoric light to what we cannot see and what we have been trying to avoid. Take this opportunity to invite your inner light (the Sun) to illuminate the darkness of what is in shadow (the Moon).

It all begins and ends with our own choice to work toward the greater good of humanity (Aquarius) and lead with our brave heart (Leo). But first we must become the Humanitarian and Leader of the self. Braving what this alchemical time is mirroring for all of us to see even though we may think this is too our own reflections of shadow. Old paradigms are trying to die and it is up to us to let them go and realize what we are holding on to in our own lives that needs to die, to help the outer shifts to alchemically occur. There is just no other way.

“As above, so below.” “What is in the one, is in the whole.”




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