Brighter Days To Come

Sagittarius…The Archetype
Symbolized by the Centaur with its Bow and Arrow, “The One-Pointed Disciple” acts as a guidepost for others to seek their own path of enlightenment.
The last sign before the beginning of a new year ends as a period of preparation for the year to come. This is a time of celebration, self-reflection and contemplation of what may lie ahead.
As Sagittarius’s cycle ends with the Winter Solstice. It is marked with the shortest day of the year. The sun sits at its lowest in altitude and is the turning point from which the sunlight will grow stronger and brighter in the days to come.
“Brighter days to come” personifies the optimistic quality of Sagittarius’s outlook on life.  As a true visionary it seeks the truth, looking for the next horizons of awareness to better understand the meaning of life. It is the “universal voice” of inspiration and faith that sees the bigger picture and our interconnectedness. Its mission is to Unify.
The early stage of development of Sagittarius is met with a vision that is somewhat limited. Self-centered experiences and undisciplined impulses dominate its indiscriminate mind. This impracticality lacking in structure leaves emotional desires as its driving force, with no real direction.
As maturation progresses an awakened view is unveiled. A clearing now appears and self-discipline delivers an understanding of how to direct its energy. This refinement generates an expansive vision that brings forth a directed focus in which purpose and the reason for “being” is acquired. The bigger picture is now seen and temperance of emotional desires subsides in support of this greater vision.
As a result of this spiritual identification of itself, Sagittarius now knows its purpose is to serve humanity. It sees the path. Bringing hope of “brighter day to come” through pioneering life as the Teacher, Healer and Lover of Mankind.
Expanding awareness to see beyond the physical earth plane is how Sagittarius supports the evolution of Humanity. It inspires and aspires us to grow Spiritually, awakening the “Soul-Centered” existence within. Through this “awakening” the interconnectedness of all life is found and the mission of Unity is sought.
The quintessential idealist, Sagittarian energy brings hope for the future. Without the creative nature of these individuals our paradigms would never change. With that being said, the end of Nelson Mandela’s life is marked under this sign, how appropriate. His wisdom and grace imprints the world and his message of Unity through equality will echo on.
This blog is dedicated to all the Visionaries that have transformed during the cycle of Sagittarius. For it is in their lives our future can be found.
Sally Campos (Mom) June 20, 1932-December 1, 1992.

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