Braving The Self


We heal ourselves by being willing to unearth the buried fears that lie below the surface. When we do this we transform and return to the knowing of our original condition: our truest selves. Life will continually push us toward this original condition.

What I have come to discover about life is that it never gives up on us. It continues to give us situation in which we will challenged to dive deeper into understanding  who we are,  and emerge more empowered. I always know that when I am feeling uncomfortable with a situation in my life that I would rather avoid, or feel victim, those are opportunities for me to grow. I have also realized when I feel stuck or struggling in my life in some way that life requiring me to awaken and emerge more fully. Pain and suffering are other indicators of transformation: that an emergence wants to occur.

Think for a moment. What part of you is wanting to emerge?

Excerpt from my book Braving The Self,  The Journey of a Spiritual Warrior

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