Awaken The Warrior Within…The Spiritual Warrior

As I walk my Spiritual path I have moments of enlightenment. And although I know I will never be fully enlightened, I continue my journey forward.

The battle of the Spiritual Warrior is mastery of one’s self. It is an inner battle for truth and wisdom in the name of Love. Requiring courage and resiliency a Spiritual Warrior is someone who embraces the journey as a personal choice and accepts the enemy within. They are independent, self-directed and devoted to facing the challenges that confront them. Their guiding principal of integrity is the code of honor from which life is lived by with uncompromising action.

A Spiritual Warrior understands the destruction of war and does not seek it. Their virtue of compassion is used to equalize potential conflict from arising. The sword that is carried is Love and the armor is Vulnerability. Willing to throw down their sword in complete surrender the Warrior becomes stronger, for victory is of the spirit not the body.

As we journey through the trials and tribulations of our lives we hopefully awaken to a deeper sense within ourselves. This awakening is an opening to enter into where the fears and judgments have taken ownership in us and where challenging our own beliefs wages war. With this awareness of the projected enemy outside ourselves, a realization is seen and the true journey begins.

How do we battle the enemy when the enemy is us? This journey begins by looking inward and examining the ways in which we protect, defend and compete to insulate our greatest weapon, the heart. The heart is Love’s keeper. The warrior commits to growing the heart in becoming a creative being. Letting go with forgiveness and generously giving of themselves to others.

The battle for love is in each of us. It shows up when we hate, judge or harm another being. It damages relationships and ends lives. Creative forces have designed us to universally love; it is the home we all seek. This instinctive nature of love drives the warrior within to battle for love’s deliverance.  And this quest to deliver calls out the Spiritual Warrior within us, to walk the path of enlightenment for our good and the good of others, all in the name of Love.


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