Are You Ready To Receive?

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Water said to me… emerge yourself into me, release to receive. You are the heartbeat of receptivity. Flow, do not stagnate; life is NOW. The past is just a memory, and the future is a projection. 

The shamanic nature of the four elements, fire, air, earth, and water, guides you through a rebirthing process that connects you deeply to the natural rhythms of transformation. I invite you to focus on the element of water in your life.

Imagine yourself floating in a sea of water. There is weightlessness, the outside sounds are muffled, and your view is of the limitless sky. The only thing that is holding you back is your perceptions. 

Water is the flow of adaptation. It governs the emotional body, deep feelings, intuition, and soul-knowing. It is passive, finding motion in response to the elements around it. 

Water brings a deep connection to the self. Water is connected to your kidneys and bladder and contributes to the purification of your body. 

Through this element, you can release resistance to the things in your life by surrendering to flow and developing conscious action by responding, not reacting, to the world around you.

Delve deeper into your understanding of your inner realm and intuitive gift, tap into your inner wisdom and feel the collective soul of humanity through the element of water.

Some ways to connect with water are through interacting with it in all forms and fluid motion. Care for your body with particular attention to your adrenals and drinking plenty of water. 

Float and receive abundance in all forms. 

Namaste,. Teresa 

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