Are You Ready to Feel More Alive?


If your answer is yes, then keep reading. We all have access to tap into vibrational force fields that can make us feel more vibrant and fully alive. These higher planes of energy can take us out of the stuck and sometimes depressed energies we sometimes find ourselves in.  So what if you could shift your vibration, live a new reality, have more energy and feel more alive? Here’s how…Body Intelligence.

Body Intelligence is the emotional information system our body archives as cellular memories. These archives of information identify why we are feeling challenged in areas of our life that are dictating unwanted realities and outcomes. Actually, we have all experienced this concept in a familiar way –  when we hear a song from our past and are taken back to the feeling and memory of that time in our life. What takes us back to that moment? It is not our mind, although many of us ‘think’ it is, it is our body’s memory that the mind interprets. Consequently understanding our body’s intelligence is a key factor to unlocking our authentic self and making choices that align with our divine purpose.

The New Moon

With the timing of the New Moon, there is a push to expand and lift our vibration to live a larger life. This force field of energy will continue to infiltrate us collectively and personally. And with every new moon cycle it is important to remind ourself not to ‘act out’ too soon with the new ideas that are surfacing. The new moon is a time to let the energy grow and develop – just like the cycles of the moon.

Namaste. Teresa

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