Aquarius New Moon

Are You Ready for... Uncertainty of Change?

This magical time of the new moon is primed for spontaneity to spark your creative instinct. A new moon can bring forth revelations that have not yet been completely available to you before.

2020 has entered with a voice that cannot be ignored. The constructs of the past lie in full view to be witnessed and dealt with. There is a strong energy to assert oneself as the build up of tension comes to a head. The rebel archetype leads us into a time of uncertainty and into the future, while simultaneously proclaiming “I will no longer stand for the status quo.” These new changes of attitude can lead you to a new path with promise of new possibilities. But to break free depends on your ability to see the truth through the past patterns that have lead you to this point in your life. This new moon is encouraging you to focus on what is to come and to be ready; as the deconstruction process is still occurring.  

Namaste. Teresa

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