Aquarius Full Moon

It's a Shake Down to Usher In Change.

The Full Moon welcomes its bright light upon you to illuminate what you have not been able to see. The affects of its potency is determined by your relationship to your inner world.

The Moon is associated to your emotional body, the primal nature that controls your emotional security system, your connection to self-care, self-parenting, the inner child, your ancestry, and your Victim archetype. It is no wonder that a full moon will elicit heightened emotion, reactivity and often pain. 

Life has felt uncertain for quite some time now with no end in sight. So one may ask themself, “how much longer can this go on?”

What we know for certain is that life is changing making it difficult to know just what to trust.

The force of this rebel full moon is challenging the beliefs you have always relied upon. It is shaking up the status quo and delivering shocks to your system that you may not be quite ready for. Ideas, beliefs, relationships, circumstances that once felt certain may fall away; no longer able to withstand what is meant for your true destiny.

This full moon in particular, will provide a gateway into illuminating energies, wisdom, intuitive insights that lead you onto a new life path. Your instructions are to let the shaky ground crumble beneath you no matter how unstable it may feel, trust your inner knowing and open your heart to the path spirit is calling you toward. 

We are collectively in this together. The humanitarian spirit of Aquarius wants inclusivity and change for our future. All the rumblings that you may be feeling are in the efforts to usher change and a new world. A world that can love and be free. 

Namaste, Teresa 


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