Another Talking Head

New Moon In Gemini

With a lot of information swirling around in our heads lately, trying to sort things out has become a bit of a challenge. We want a plan to move forward but are not sure which decisions to make. The two talking heads of Gemini are making it hard to know which is the heart voice and which is the fear.

The beauty of this new moon is that it offers discovery for a new way to bridge the gap of communication between these two internal polarities. But in order to do so we have to tap into our emotional intelligence and listen closely to what we feel instead of what we know. The intellect is not the information source right now, it will only confuse the situation.

There are energetic shifts that are presently occurring along side the current theme of emotional intelligence. These shifts are irrupting Mother Earth, leaving her unsettled, therefore leaving us unsettled.  The message here for us is to ground our own earth; our body. Using conscious breath (breathing awareness) as the gateway tool for emotional intelligence (what we feel IN our body) to bridge our internal communication gap. Answers come when we silence the voice of the mind and tap into body intelligence, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us feel.




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