An Invitation For Deep Reflection

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An Invitation For Deep Reflection

What does Scorpio represent for you? While we’ll all feel its effects differently because we’re all wired differently, it’s a safe assumption that between now and November 22, you’ll make at least one deep dive into your inner world and take at least one walk on the wild side.

Understanding Scorpio’s energy allows you to tap into your inner strength and confront your challenges. It sparks your curiosity about your power and fosters a desire for deep connections. Like shedding a snake’s skin, Scorpio prompts you to let go of what no longer serves.

As you navigate this transformation, it’s essential to understand how you process information and what “hooks” you.

Scorpio’s wisdom stems from the heart, gut, organs, and genitals. Scorpio represents the continuous cycle of life – birth, decay, destruction, death, rebirth, and regeneration. Now is the opportune time to examine your life closely. What needs to die for you to embrace a new way of being? It’s time to release habits, beliefs, toxic relationships, and self-imposed limits.

Though you may not feel ready, deep down, you understand the importance of taking action. Waiting for the perfect moment could lead to endless waiting. Embracing Scorpio’s challenge takes work as it confronts your shadows. Therefore, if you allow your fears and anxieties to arise and examine them truthfully, you open yourself to this season’s profound and transformative gifts.


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