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Life Design Strategist

Teresa Campos is a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive. She wears the archetypal hats of  International Speaker, Author, Spiritual Life Coach, and Astrologer to all those seeking a more fulfilled life.

She works with individuals who know they are here to uplift humanity by living their soul purpose. She helps them self-evolve and lead from the soul-centered self to fulfill a lifestyle that makes them feel fully alive while being of service to the world.

Teresa Campos


Her cutting-edge program, Your Life’s Design (TM), provides participants with insights into the deep-rooted patterns that impede manifesting their true desires. Her dedication to leading the life of a Spiritual Warrior has involved being a lifelong learner and practitioner of her own wisdom-teachings, exemplified in her book Braving The Self: The Journey of a Spiritual Warrior. Over the years, her search for answers has taken many directions – physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In particular, learning to understand the differences between choosing one’s destiny versus passively accepting a socially-defined path has transformed her life.

Teresa’s ability to focus her skill as an intuitive has become very acute over the years – so much so, that reading the archetypal patterns that are stored in the subconscious of an individual has become second nature. She has masterfully combined this skill with astrology to further deepen an understanding of an individual’s life contract. Not only can she decode for an individual, but she has also applied this intelligence toward her sense of the collective evolution of humanity. 

Having devoted hours to her spiritual studies, her 33-year career as a creative entrepreneur has further deepened her skills by honing her intuition and mastering the art of reading energy. During this time, the insights and guidance she has provided for her clients have become her life’s work, enabling her to integrate her experience of wisdom traditions with a transformative professional life.

Teresa is an Ironman finisher, triathlete, and yoga teacher. She loves the sound of silence, 80-degree weather and travel. She is the mother of two amazing women and a grandmother of three beautiful young men.

Mentoring & Strategizing

Teresa offers wisdom and cutting-edge systems that help you brave the very thing you fear the most. She will provide an individualized program that will align you with the devotional nature of your soul; your internal desire to fulfill a profound dedication to living a life of purpose. With presence, inquiry, and compassion, she creates a supported environment while providing you with tools to navigate your life. In your sessions, she will invite you to challenge your mindsets that have you trapped in perceived limitations, allowing you to cultivate new ways of being with your life that generate actions and desired outcomes.

Our natural tendency as humans is to keep life safe and controlled; not wanting to leave what is familiar. This homeostatic response within us houses conditioned thought forms and behavioral subconscious patterns that inhibit our emotional, psychological, and spiritual growth. The call to transform begins a journey into uncharted territories. Walking this path of transformation requires courage and strength to navigate the challenges and choices we will meet along the way. It is here we must be learning to build the bridge we are walking, while simultaneously being committed to the path – with dedication and support it is possible to find what you are looking for.

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