A Time of Self-Reflection

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Every astrological month represents a profound archetypal meaning for you. This astrological month brings about the season of Sagittarius.

Symbolized by the Centaur with its Bow and Arrow, Sagittarius, “The One-Pointed Disciple,” acts as a guidepost for you to seek your path of enlightenment.

It is the last sign before beginning and preparing for the coming year. It is a time of celebration, self-reflection, spiritual integration, and contemplation of what lies ahead.

Sagittarius’s cycle ends with the Winter Solstice and is marked with the year’s shortest day. This is because the sun sits at its lowest altitude and is the turning point from which the sunlight will grow stronger and brighter in the coming days.

 “Brighter days to come” personifies the optimistic quality of Sagittarius’s outlook on life. As a true visionary, it seeks the truth, looking for the next horizons of awareness to better understand the meaning of life. It inspires you to grow Spiritually and awaken your Soul-centered existence. With this awakening, your interconnectedness with the higher power that resides within you and all around you is realized.

The quintessential idealist, Sagittarian energy, brings hope for the future. Paradigms would never change without the creative nature of this archetypal influence in your life. 

I invite you to reflect on what truths you have discovered up to this point and use this time to integrate them into action. Living them through movement will transform you and create a new cellular memory in your body needed to release no longer desired feelings and outcomes in your life. 

Namaste. Teresa 


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