A Series Of Unfortunate Events


A Series of Unfortunate Events

As I sit back and reflect on a series of unfortunate events that have accumulatively occurred in my life, disappointment presents itself. Not in a negative way but in way that has me seeing the truth more clearly. The truth of my participation, both conscious and unconscious behavior, and the truth of actions outside me beyond my control. It’s true, life happens and those narratives form our stories.

Through the series of events in our life, whether it’s things done to us we could not control or relationship dynamics we have struggled with, the timing for letting them lie behind and walking away is upon us. There is no need for retaliation to make someone understand (which would be us trying to control),  a need to stay where love is not, or even a need to hold on for fear of not knowing what is next because that is how life teaches us –  faith in The Divine, trust in ourself and surrender of control. The only need for us to have is to release, die and reboot.


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