A Process For Healing

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A Process For Healing

“I bear witness to how much pain and suffering I have experienced from believing that I was created less than the I Am Presence within me, which is my Higher Self. Within this present moment, I recognize the opportunity for quantum healing and empowerment across all my parallel lifetimes and I take courage to wholly forgive and accept myself now”
~ The Sophia Code

In my experience, there are several ways to support moving trauma through the body into release and healing.

A couple of years back, I had a disturbing trespass occur that triggered victimization in my body. This was not a physical violation but an intensely emotional and mental one that violated and troubled me. 

After the situation occurred (the following day), I knew that I had to confront the problem by speaking to the person with whom I experienced the victimization. However, what happened when I confronted them is not essential; what is critical is the clarity I received due to a “download” after the confrontation.

I have outlined this information below.  

Processing trauma in your body.

Awareness: The recognition that you have experienced a victimization. 

Your body will react in various ways.

  • A change will happen with your breathing pattern (usually not detected). 
  • You may feel flushed. 
  • Anger or rage may rise. 
  • The feeling that you want to escape or retreat inward. 
  • A reaction to defend yourself. Your survival instinct is now triggered; flight, fight or freeze.

What to do:

  • Become as present with yourself as possible; this will calm your reactivity and help you to become clear with what is happening.
  • Ask yourself if this situation needs an immediate reaction (if you are in physical danger), just a response, or is it better not to respond until you can step away from it and gather yourself.

Expression and Release:  Ask yourself what action to take to release what has occurred. Find the way that suits you and the situation. 

  • First, identify how you are feeling. 
  • Become aware of your breathing patterns. 
  • Make an effort to switch to deliberate and deep belly breathing; this will take you out of the unconscious breath pattern of trauma. In addition, this will help you know that the energy is being released from your body and the charge is no longer alive inside you.
  • Share with someone to “bear witness” for you – as this is part of the release. 
  • Directly confront (remember this is not about power over another person) the person(s) with whom you had the conflict. Do not expect that they will validate you and detach from the outcome. 
  • Journal.
  • Use music you like to shift the energy.
  • Move your body; dance, take a hike in nature, etc.

Do not carry the burden of doing this “right,” there is no right, just resonance with intuitive guidance. Your intuitive guidance will help you release the trauma.

Do not victimize yourself and others by rehashing the situation over and over or turning it into gossip. Doing this will only trap the trauma in shadow, causing the shadow to show up as victimhood in your life. 

Completion: Ask yourself:

  • What did I learn; is there a lesson?
  • What was the gift?
  • What role does forgiveness have here?

Ultimately, move forth.

Repeat the process as needed to clear yourself. You may find that when time has passed, you may need to go back for another clearing. There is no exact formula; each individual will have their own unique experience of this process. 

Here are more powerful questions to help you through your healing process:

  • What Happened?
  • What am I feeling? 
  • What do I need to express, and how?
  • How does my body want to release this energy?
  • Is there anything else for this process to be complete?

There is a new era of healing that has entered into our culture. This new era brings an opportunity to transform you from trauma’s shadow to the light of who you are. To free your unique life design and find your place in the universe, healing your identity through self-expression and action unlocks these truths.

Namaste. Teresa

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