A Gentle Reminder

A Gentle Reminder

“I am filled with a great peace. I am now aware of my Higher Self directly communicating to my human awareness. The voice of my Higher Self speaks through my heart and resonates within every cell of my body.”
~ The Sophia Code

Through the darkness and into the light emerge new perspectives for you to see yourself. Known but not fully realized, divine purpose awaits expression with unyielding power inside you, lying restless within, ready to take flight.

Leadership awaits your arrival and possession. Stepping out and into your authentic self is what is being called forth. It is time to take full responsibility of power for your life path and overthrow who or what has been holding those longstanding positions over you. Is it a story, a person, or a mindset you continue to carry? Your authentic self is your Higher Self; liberate your power.

Peace and love,

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