When we modify or adapt to serve a new or different purpose, we transform. When we go beyond, rise above, overshadow or eclipse, we transcend what we were and become something new. When we take transformation of our physical or lower perceptions to their highest expressions, the spiritual or higher state of being determines how this energy is directed. The conversion of these energies causes an alchemical reaction that creates a new way of perceiving and experiencing our reality. The “leaden” lower self (body) connects to and serves the higher “golden” self (soul) –  this is the meaning of alchemy.


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  1. Very good! I like the direction of your thoughts. In my opinion, all transformations must involve the alpha element Clarity (plug, sorry). Perceptions must transform to perspective else the transformation becomes transitory, or stated another way "temporary". My guess is that there will be a lot of transitory transformations before we learn to sustain a higher level of existence while on Earth. Language is the formidable barrier.

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