This morning I woke up and realized I needed to” break-up” with myself! I finally saw (again) how I have been holding myself back”

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  1. THANK YOU Teresa, I love your blog! So refreshing… Lil story here… I once had a gorgeous cat named Alchemy, egyptian looking profile, large and very graceful. She ran away just after I moved her from the city to a lovely, remote mountain community. I know she probably took off with the fight-or-flight of changes, but I like to imagine that she enjoyed the wild woods, however long she made it there, and hope that she reached a neighbor's house and got invited inside. What a shift, traveling from a dark cage on Market St downtown SF (and who knows where before that) to a warm flat with a bunch of giggling college girls, and then up to the forests and fields above Garberville, with long grasses and oaks and pines and fragrant bay trees, snakes and deer and the bright moon and coyotes… Corny as this is, my spirit is still longing for the alchemy I received from knowing her from the moment I met her, and pining for that inner wilderness.

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