Symbolized by the head of the Ram, with a body not yet known, Aires is the first sign of the Zodiac. “The Light of life itself” the Ram’s head arises symbolizing creative possibilities.
Initiating the “Will to be”, Aires is the fire that ignites the creative impulses within.  Direct and decisive, Aires restlessness drives forward to create a plan of action. Always taking the initiative and a natural born leader Aires is the birthplace of ideas and the energy from which Spirit inspires creation.
Courageous and bold this Spiritual Warrior understands right use of power and purposeful will, using its highly intuitive and perceptive qualities of the mind as its “weapon” of creation and love.
The energy of Aires is within all of us, challenging us to come forward in life. To seek out what must be found and to create what must be brought to form. The adventurous spirit of this inspirational Warrior is the inner trailblazer containing endless creative fire. It is here that the inception of our ideas are birthed and then later become an expression of Life itself.
The emergence of these ideas spring from the “Universal Mind” where Divine Will expresses into all of life as an act of Love and Good Will.
The quest to discover self and access the creative spirit that lies within each of us is the destiny of the archetype of Aires. There is nothing static about there generating energy of the celestial Ram, its message is clear and direct; evolve!

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