I am Perfectly Designed

I am Perfectly Designed “I am perfectly designed to enjoy and increase life in all ways. In honor of the gift of life that I am given, I choose to live a golden life. I unconditionally bless life, embodying the Golden Ray of wisdom, receptivity, generosity, and prosperity. I choose my golden life by increasing […]

The Anatomy of a Lie

The Anatomy of a Lie Buried beneath the world is where I find myself. I can hardly breathe. My mind tells me that I am living, but my body is dying. I am buried beneath my wounds. I cannot trust; I have been betrayed. My spirit is waiting for my mind to set itself free, […]

A Gentle Reminder

A Gentle Reminder “I am filled with a great peace. I am now aware of my Higher Self directly communicating to my human awareness. The voice of my Higher Self speaks through my heart and resonates within every cell of my body.”~ The Sophia Code Through the darkness and into the light emerge new perspectives […]

A Process For Healing

A Process For Healing “I bear witness to how much pain and suffering I have experienced from believing that I was created less than the I Am Presence within me, which is my Higher Self. Within this present moment, I recognize the opportunity for quantum healing and empowerment across all my parallel lifetimes and I […]